How to Dabbing Medicinal Cannabis for Your Wellness
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How to Dabbing Medicinal Cannabis for Your Wellness

Dabbing does not simply relate to the dancing motion that is currently all the rage. Also, it is not just for recreational users of medicinal cannabis who want to achieve the highest possible high in the shortest amount of time.

Dabbing is increasingly becoming an essential technique of ingestion for those who rely on medicinal cannabis for reasons related to their medical treatment and therapy.

People who suffer from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain may find that dabbing medicinal cannabis concentrates provides speedier relief. These illnesses include cancer and injuries that may not heal completely (PTSD).

Here is all you need to know about using dabbing techniques to consume medicinal cannabis for the purpose of improving your health.

How to Dabbing Medicinal Cannabis for Your Wellness

What Is Dabbing Marijuana?

Inhaling the vapours that are produced while heating a medicinal cannabis concentrate such as shatter, oil, or wax is referred to as dabbing.

The user begins by taking a medicinal cannabis concentrate, which is then vaporised before being inhaled using a dab rig. In most cases, the concentrate is dabbed onto a heated nail, which results in the production of vapours that are then breathed.

Dabbing as contrary to the usual smoked cannabis delivers much larger levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other components than other forms of cannabis consumption due to the usage of concentrates. In comparison to smoking or vaping marijuana, dabbing produces effects that are both more powerful and more immediate.

The majority of users dab marijuana in order to consume a high level of THC, although patients often dab cannabidiol (CBD) concentrates that have a high level of the compound. People who don’t want psychoactive effects and haven’t found relief with high-potency CBD oils or flower might try dabbing CBD, which won’t give them a high but is a possibility for individuals in their position.

Although dabbing is not a totally new way of consuming medicinal cannabis, it continues to gain favour among medical marijuana users who require greater volumes of concentrated medicinal cannabis for improved pain treatment and relaxation.

How to Dabbing Medicinal Cannabis for Your Wellness

The Risks Involved in Using Dabs for Medical Cannabis

Be advised that there is a potential risk associated with dabs. To produce concentrates from marijuana, THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes are removed from the plant using solvents like butane and carbon dioxide.

Dabs that have been created or obtained from sources that cannot be trusted may include residual solvents like as butane, insecticides, and other potentially dangerous compounds that should not be ingested. According to the findings of one piece of research, more than 80 percent of 57 different dab samples included either solvents or pesticides.

When manufactured with closed-loop extraction, dabs are at their most secure. The process is sealed off and contained using this technology, preventing potentially harmful gases from escaping.

Open-loop extraction is a common approach for making homemade concentrates, and it is one of the factors that might contribute to the products’ high-risk profile. In open-loop extractions, volatile gases might escape out and cause explosions.

When it comes to dabbing, the temperature at which it is performed is still another factor to keep in mind. If a dab rig is heated to a temperature that is too high, some of the components in the concentrate, like as terpenes, can become cancer-causing.

Dabbing at lower temperatures has the same beneficial effects as dabbing at higher temperatures, but it does not come with the additional risk of breathing substances that are harmful to your health. If you want to err on the side of caution, you shouldn’t set the temperature of your electronic nail higher than 611 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dabs include high concentrations of THC and CBD, and the THC content of certain dab products can reach as high as 75%. There is not enough evidence to suggest that exceptionally high doses of THC and CBD are safe for human ingestion at this time. Neurotoxicity, psychosis, and cardiotoxicity are all possible negative consequences that might result from taking such a large quantity.

If you are going to dab, you should always start slowly and quickly stop if you experience any adverse effects that you don’t want to feel.

Why Do Some People Prefer to Dab Medical Marijuana Instead of Smoking It?

However, in spite of the dearth of study on the topic of swallowing large doses of cannabinoids, many patients who use medical marijuana indicate that dabbing is the only way of ingestion that reduces their level of discomfort and enables them to unwind.

People who suffer from disorders such as chronic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression may find relief from the strength of medicinal cannabis sativa dabs. These people have chronic illnesses such as late-stage cancer.

Some people like to dab because it allows concentrated medicinal cannabis chemicals to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream, which appeals to these individuals. Dabs provide nearly instantaneous pain relief, relaxation, and pleasure because they facilitate the delivery of larger concentrations of active cannabinoids in a shorter length of time than traditional methods.

Dabs, as opposed to more conventional methods of medicating with cannabis, are said to have a more palatable flavour and effects that are felt for a longer period of time.

Cannabis plant concentrates in the form of dabs used for medical conditions, whether they are strong in THC or CBD, are extremely powerful and may have unintended side effects. To begin, take only a very little amount, just one dab, and see how it makes you feel before you even contemplate taking another dab.

Talk to a qualified medical practitioner if at all feasible to ensure that you are dabbing the appropriate amount of medicinal cannabis and that it is of the appropriate concentration for your need. And make sure you keep an eye on the temperature at which you’re doing your dabbing so that you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your medicinal cannabis.


We know you might be curios to find out more information and discuss medicinal cannabis uses, or where to get legal medicinal cannabis products in Australia, or who is authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabis products to you, and we know lots of people are also worried about the use of medicinal cannabis.

For all these, schedule a consultation session today with our experts at Chronic Therapy to get professional advice about any medicinal cannabis product or medicinal use of the product to maximise your benefits from it.

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